31 March 2015

TASTE - Executive Chef Jay Gamboa

In this 10th episode of the web series Taste, a well-known chef tackles his way of life of being wide-open in the restaurant industry. Jay Gamboa is the executive chef of Cirkulo, Milky Way, Tsukiji, and Azuthai restaurants. Starting off, he and his siblings were brought up actually exposed to the ways and system of the restaurant. He went to a university in Boston and afterwards he head on to New York for a culinary school. Chef Jay applied to numerous hotels. Eventually, he started in an uprising hotel, the New World hotel. Taste for him can range into different levels, though it is definitely subjective. As a chef, Jay is confident on how his palette works. Dive in to Chef Jay’s rich heritage and culture of the culinary world by watching the video above.

Source: The Fat Kid Inside


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