19 March 2015

The Assembly Generals Self-Titled Album

Another hip-hop group has been working their way through the scene since last year, silently pushing their way through recording and producing their own material and then bursting into a hip-hop powerhouse with their uptempo syncopated beats led by strong, unadulterated lyrics. The group Assembly Generals has made a name for themselves in the hip-hop scene and has released their first original album named "The Assembly Generals" under Lockeddown Entertainment last March 6, 2015. The self-titled album features tracks like Kontrabida, Sa Kalawakan, Everyday Concept and more sure-fire tracks to kill conformity. The Assembly Generals album is now available at The Clothing in Cubao X and Crazy Katsu, Maginhawa St., Quezon City. Listen to their track Kontrabida below to familiarize yourself with their music.


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