31 March 2015

WWIM11 by Instagram: Worldwide InstaMeet 11 "La Union"

It's been more than a week since Instagram's Worldwide InstaMeet 11 has happened. To commemorate it locally, Jelito De Leon (@jelitodeleon), Karl Presentacion (@larkvain), Louie Sison (@louiegraphy) and our own Marvin Conanan (@marvinconanan) and Sara Martinez (@saraaamartinez) organized WWIM11_LaUnion. It happened on the 21st and 22nd of March 2015 in San Juan, La Union. The mission of this event is to promote first the camaraderie and community that Instagram has created around the social factor of photograph sharing and photography as an art form. Continually, the local community that understands and appreciates this culture is growing. And we are looking forward to more InstaMeets around the country, not only hosted by the usual personalities, but also spearheaded by other Instagram enthusiasts. In addition to this growth, we are currently running a campaign called, #WhyInstagramSerious, that aims to explain and express the reasons and stories behind why this community and culture are very particular with the renowned social media application. If you are interested to see what happened during this two-day event, there are a few photos below from the participants, plus a small widget showing all the photos from #WWIM11_LaUnion.

Photos above are from the following; Alfred Dy Gutierrez (@alfreddygutz), Christian Lopez (@christianarmin), Christian Padua (@chrstianpadua), Jereek Espiritu (@jereekespiritu), Karl Presentacion (@larkvain), Louie Sison (@louiegraphy), Marvin Conanan (@marvinconanan), Ryan Agsawa (@royonagsawa) and Shackette (@shackette).You can see all the other photos below by scrolling to the right, or check out the tag, #WWIM11_LaUnion on the Instagram app.


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