09 April 2015

Purveyr Instagramer: Kimi Juan

Instagram has become a powerful tool for one to freely express themselves through beautifully snapped photos and well thought of captions. It is a simple way to capture and share special moments, to see the world through the eyes of others, and to allow its users to experience other people's lives through photos as they happen. Because of this, we decided to do a series to showcase our favorite Filipino Instagrammers.

The 8th #PurveyrInstagrammer is Kimi Juan.

"Hi! I'm Kimi and I'm a photographer. I've been taking photos for 6 years now, and only recently that I decided to focus my interests on travel photography."

For travel junkies and adventure seekers alike, Kimi Juan is the Instagrammer to follow. Kimi's feed is mostly made up of breathtaking sights, fascinating places, and of course, Kimi Juan herself. She always seems to be out and about; going on roadtrips, hiking up mountains, trekking to waterfalls, riding waves.. and the list just goes on. And she does all these with her constant companion, boyfriend Thomas Caja, who by the way is also a good travel photographer.

If you wish to feed your adventurous spirit, drop by Kimi's feed.. Her photos will surely make you want to just go and pack your bags.

We asked Kimi about her love for Instagram, and here's what she has to say.

How long have you been using Instagram and what made you decide to give more effort in it?
I've been using Instagram for about 3 years now and I've decided to take it seriously because it's such a great platform to share photos; it's easy, and everybody has it in their phones. Also, it's so much easier for me to use my phone to take pictures, edit and post, so it's really just a great place to share your talents.

How would you describe your approach (style) to photography?
I like going direct to the point in my photos. I like to keep things clean and simple, even if it's a photo of a mountain or the ocean.

What are your usual subjects?
MOUNTAINS! RIVERS! OCEANS! WATERFALLS! Anything nature-y because I just love hiking and going on adventures.

What makes for a good Instagram shot?
I think if you're able to show people what you want them to see, then you have a good shot. I like it that people have their own distinct styles and perspectives when it comes to taking photos.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done for an Instagram photo?
I don't think I do anything super unusual, but I guess the effort of going out and hiking and climbing just to take photos makes it sort of unusual.

Are your photos on Instagram solely taken from your phone, or do you use other devices, such as SLRs, digital cameras, etc? Do you think the equipment one uses is a big factor in producing stunning Instagram posts?
I do only use my phone! It makes things so much easier because I can edit and post on the go. I don't think the camera matters as much, it's really the subject that matters more.

What inspires you? And how does it influence your passion for photography?
Other photographers inspire me, they give me a whole new perspective on things. It's nice to learn from others because they show you what you don't see, and then you are able to grow.

Who are your favorite Instagrammers?
@bethanymarieco, @griffinlamb, @sameasterling, @cschoonover, @ioegreer to name a few.

What do you dislike about Instagram?
Nothing really!

What is Instagram for you?
Instagram for me is a community. A place to meet new people, learn from them and share the same passion. Instagram is not just for photogtaphy, but for other things too.


You showed good options of editing photos. I like the calmness of colors after the editing. May be you will also see some useful tips here.

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