21 April 2015

Somnia: A Multimedia Group Exhibition

This coming Saturday, April 25, 2015, a group of young talented artists will have a Multimedia Group Exhibition that tackles various perceptions of escapism. The exhibition will last until April 26, 2015 at the Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery, 10A Alabama St., Quezon City. The exhibition will open by 6pm of Saturday, with music from Ryoku and Indiebon throughout the night. Catch the interpretations of Somnia Collective members, Ivy Floresca, Mark Evangelista, Austin Suarez, May Caras, Shintaro Lopez and Micah Ibay through their art and craft. Know more about the multimedia exhibition on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

With inspiration from their own idea of escapism, the artists will be molding a hybrid of utopias for viewers to explore into in which each stimulates a certain mood of a particular perception. The artists are drawn to the concept of escapism as its ambiguous nature intentionally connotes individuals to share and challenge ideas on how escapism looks like. It is an open invitation for everyone to enter a fantasy and escape reality.


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