19 May 2015

Hybrid Sound Amplifier by Loudbasstard

As a fitting follow-through of the original Bamboo Amplifier, Loudbasstard introduces the Hybrid Sound Amplifier. The Cebuano brand builds upon the same philosophies of its first product which allowed electricity-free amplification of music from a portable device. This time though they use wood over what had previously been bamboo. Loudbasstard innovates even further by incorporating electromagnetic induction into the Hybrid Sound Amplifier, powered by a 9V battery that's rechargeable via USB. With the flick of a switch and laying flat your smartphone until properly aligned, you can share your music even louder and clearer with its 8 Ohm speakers. Because of Loudbasstard's commitment to handmade, locally-sourced good design, the Hybrid Sound Amplifier along with their other products, will now be available in Kultura Filipino stores across the country. Indeed, if you make enough noise, the world will stand up and take note.


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