04 June 2015

Dom Ochotorena: The Art of Rubber Stamps

For graphic artist, Dom Ochotorena, rubber-cutting is calming and is a great past time. He learned the art of rubber-cutting during college as one of his projects. While getting caught up in the corporate world, Dom put the hobby to rest. But later on in 2013, he got a new carving set and he hasn’t stopped carving since then. His Speedball lino cutter, X-acto knife and rubber blocks are his partners-in-crime. Whatever he can sketch, he will etch in great detail. The outcomes vary from big to small stamps, with different themes such as animals, people, things, places and more. Some of his notable works are carvings of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Big Ben, a Mona Lisa and even Pope Francis. Dom is an inspiring example of following one’s craft. He is a member of an art organization, Ang InK (Ilustrador ng Kabataan). Check out Ang InK’s exhibit open for the whole month of June in Prism Gallery Makati to see his work along with other artists. You can also visit his Instagram account for more of his works, @domochotorena. You could commission him for special art works and even learn the craft through his workshops.

Source: Inquirer


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