11 June 2015

Purveyr Tours Satchmi

These days, we live in a world of technology wherein it is easier for us to access and download music. However, our appreciation to music seems to have dwindled. Yes, the convenience maybe a blessing to many but we’re sacrificing the quality of music. Satchmi is said to be the biggest vinyl distributor in the country at the moment, and also a lifestyle shop. According to their brand story, it’s all about their “inherent love for good old days.” Vinyl records bring out the tiniest details that most people probably do not notice, but makes all the difference when heard in full – as well as the famous vinyl scratch sound. It is truly an experience every audiophile deserves and Satchmi knows this. It is why they have The Motorino on hand, a vinyl record player. They have a comfortable cozy listening room where you can sit and enjoy the records in full silence. Satchmi just wants people to experience what good music is all about and for them to be more passionate about it. Basically, just have a good time and enjoy music. Satchmi advocates in building up a culture that encourages passion above all else. It allows audiophiles to be surrounded by the beauty of vinyl music. You can definitely tell at the sight of it that it’s indeed a store built by love for good music. We reached out to the owners to know about its story and what else it can offer.

4th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Pasig City, Metro Manila

Can you share with us the story behind Satchmi?
Satchmi began out of a team brought together by a common infatuation, old souls who longed for the good old days and looked for the finer things in life. We started out as an online record store that sold the widest range of vinyl records available on the market (we still do). We slowly expanded into more than that -- to creating our own turntable - The Motorino, starting an annual tradition of the biggest celebration of records - Vinyl Day, and opening our first flagship store at SM Megamall -- a testament into making records available for everyone and anyone.  We started to add in other things as well such as leather goods, film, cameras, journals, and anything unique and out of the ordinary that promotes a lifestyle only the romantic can appreciate. We have always been curators of functional luxury and we continue to do that as we grow into a lifestyle brand unmatched by anyone.

What is the philosophy and lifestyle of Satchmi, can you tell us more about it?
We value the philosophies of putting out your best work, of being proud of your product, and guaranteeing quality. We always handpick everything from the record titles, to the products we put into the store. We promote the analog lifestyle, taking things slow, taking time to smell the roses and appreciating the finer things in life. Our fast paced world calls for simplicity and that's what we strive to put out there by going back to our roots.

Having that vinyl records and players are considered to be uncommon luxuries, what made you decide to build a business around it?
The sheer love we had for it. We've always loved records, we started out as collectors until we decided to share that love with everyone. What we love most about vinyl is its potential. It has always been lauded by audiophiles for the warmth you can't duplicate with any other musical medium. It's unique and no other business has had a vinyl collection as vast and huge as ours.

When and what made you decide to put up the Satchmi store?
We decided back in 2011 to try out the online store, selling records and having them delivered to homes. Our main tagline was to make vinyl accessible to everyone. The physical store came to be because of the friends we've made along the way who have supported us since Day 1 and Vinyl Day 2013. The store would not have existed without the people who stood by us when Satchmi was just a concept and online store.

Apart from vinyl records and players, what else do you have in-store and are planning to have available in Satchmi?
We already have a wide assortment of lifestyle products such as socks, neckties, journals, books, film, pens, etc. and we plan on bringing even more in that promote handcrafted, unique products you can't find anywhere else.

Photos by Tristan Tamayo
Words by Fiona Endangan and Trisha Villegas


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