18 June 2015

Sperry "Odysseys Await" Customization Bar

Sperry, a leading casual shoe brand globally has recently launched a new global campaign called "Odysseys Await". A campaign best described by the president of the brand, Rick Blackshaw, "We set out on an exploration to develop a campaign that encourages a youthful, global and digitally-connected group to discover and celebrate authentic stories still to be lived. The resulting creative aims to build relevancy with a bold, intrepid consumer around the globe." An extension of the 1935 philosophy of Sperry, the "Odysseys Await" campaign is the modern take to inspire adventurous souls to live life to the fullest. In connection with Sperry's efforts globally, Sperry Philippines has launched the Customization Bar. The bar is currently set up at the third floor of Power Plant Mall in Rockwell Center, Makati City. It boasts an imaginative but very thoughtful way of customizing your pair of Sperrys. The bar customization features inspired by the sailor/sailing culture from the past, a leather laces knot customization inspired by the special knot tying and ropework by sailors, and custom-tattooing inspired by the relationship of tattoos with sailors and seafarers. The knot customization will be available for everyone who has a pair of Sperry shoes until the last day of the pop-up, while the customized Tattoo service by P&P Tattoo will only be available every weekend until the last weekend of July. Get yourself a pair and have it customized to your own liking, or bring your trusted Sperry pair to bring new life to it. Visit the official Sperry Facebook page for more info about the Customization Bar.


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