01 June 2015

Team Manila 10 Years: Tee Gallery

From its humble beginnings, Team Manila reaches its 10th year anniversary mark on April 21, 2015. To celebrate the occasion, its family, friends and followers gathered for a night of thanksgiving. Last April 23, 2015, Suez and Zapote Gallery opened its doors for Team Manila 10 Years: Tee Gallery. They made a trip down memory lane by raiding through their archives. 200 plus TM tees were exhibited and were arranged by color and collection. It was a massive throwback full of colors and memorable designs. Who can forget the iconic aviator wearing Rizal silhouette? Or the array of Pinoy puns and classic references only Filipinos can get? Of course, the festivities wouldn't be complete without Pinoy food, booze and sets by DJ Rye, DJ Arbie Won and DJ Madz. Guests enjoyed the night filled with love for design and country. Cheers to Team Manila! May they keep the Pinoy pride loud and proud in the years to come.


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