10 June 2015

WIP Caps x PAPA U-Gee "Lion" Snapback

WIP Caps collaborates with one of the well-respected reggae artists from Japan. The "Lion" snapback is a collaboration they made with PAPA U-Gee. With over 25 years performing and being an advocate of reggae, dancehall, dub and more in Japan, it is no surprise that he is a celebrated name in the community. Being a frequent crowd of the famed Irie Sundays in B-side, he is well worth a Manila welcome and celebration. The immensity of PAPA U-Gee's passion is no doubt, very inspiring and strong. The PAPA U-Gee "Lion" snapback is a perfect representation of that passion. The snapback features the embroidered "Lion" in front with the PAPA U-Gee logo on the side, donning the famous colors of reggae. It is imposed on a basic black polyester-wool material, which makes it pop even more. For more information visit the WIP Caps website.


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