30 July 2015

Gnarly! Pomade In Lemon x Orange Scent

If you're still confused as to what pomade actually is, it's a styling product that leaves your hair looking neat, slick, and shiny. Being very favored back in the 40's to 60's to have hairstyles like The King of Rock and Roll himself, the trend returned a few years ago and is now more popular than ever. If you're a pomade enthusiast or even a newbie, this is the thing for you. Gnarly! recently came out with their new line of pomade that comes in two scents: Lemon and Orange. Their all-organic Fudge Lemon Scent is both high in quality, sweet in smell, and has a reliable hold so you won't have to worry of fixing your hair every 2 hours. While the organically-made Gremgnar Orange Scent smells like fresh oranges and has an amazing hold as well so styling your hair won't ever have to be a struggle ever again.


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