04 July 2015

Purveyr Presents. the Tattooed Sperry Classic Boat Shoe

As part of our ongoing development of our website, we continuously strive to bring forth useful, inspiring and appealing content. In this note, we are launching this new feature series called, Purveyr Presents., where we will present various products and goods through our own style, that entirely fits our website's identity and aesthetic. The first one in this series is the Classic Boat Shoe of Sperry which is tattooed at their concept pop-up, the Customization Bar. They partnered with P&P Tattoo to have tattoo artists ink leather Sperry footwear with any design that one might like. In our case, we opted to keep it a little less graphic and went for a pattern instead. A design that won't alienate Sperry's classic aesthetic, but instead, to elevate its current design to fit a more modern taste. What do you think?


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