13 July 2015

The Crowdfunding Sessions: Imelda

This coming July 16, 2015, The Polaris Project is proud to present the first session of "The Crowdfunding Sessions". The concept is developed through a passion for local music and the lack of opportunities for aspiring bands and artists in the country. The Crowdfunding Sessions is created to provide a channel for these aspiring bands/artists to showcase their music while also raising enough funds to support the production of their albums. For the first session, The Polaris Project chose "Imelda", a modern rock band that is influenced by the likes of Pantera, Rage Against The Machine, Muse and Led Zeppelin. Catch them perform at the Mow's Bar with The Squibs, The Oemons and Yurei. The local music scene is thriving, but there are a lot more to grow and improve on. Events like these are what we need to keep homegrown music booming and expanding. See the official event poster and listen to "Venomous" by Imelda below.


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