29 July 2015

The Purplechickens - Casanova (Music Video)

Local indie band The Purplechickens broke new ground with their 2014 album, Halang. This time, they released a music video for one of the tracks off that record, Casanova. Let the soothing yet harrowing chords take your hand and guide you in this journey. Lead man Aldus Santos pieces words about a man's hesitations to the serious stages of a romantic relationship. After all the whispers and caress, all four members amplify the lulling to embed the chorus in your mind. The music video takes clips from the movie Tila by Rob Jara, which actually includes this song in its soundtrack. The scenes bode well, as they depict a love story between a flood control worker and a call center agent in a place and time of seemingly eternal rain.


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