04 August 2015

Art Coco: Geraldine Javier

Contemporary Artist Geraldine Javier isn't your usual artist. Having a keen eye for all things out of the ordinary, she's obsessed with the subject of death -- not just the physical kind, but also the psychological kind that secretly bothers you when you realize that it's a small world and you're claustrophobic. Currently living in Batangas, you'd think that she'd most likely change the themes of her work since she's around such beautiful landscapes and having fresh air that anyone raised in the city would kill for. Will she actually start changing the message of her works? Or will she change her persona as a visual artist anytime soon? Visit Coconuts Manila to view the feature video and know more about Geraldine and her passion.

Source: Coconuts Manila | Photo from Arndt


This was probably one of the coolest and definitely proudest concept I've ever done. I was shocked when I first heard about the producers' idea of an exosuit from costume designer . motorcycle painting

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