21 August 2015

Cheats - Again, Professor Manny?

"I don't want to be drugged when you haunt me, I don’t want to be home when you call"

With this engraved in the first verse of the song, wouldn't you want to listen to the whole thing? Cheats along with producer, Ely Buendia have recently released their first album last July, and have obviously come to terms with their art evident in their record. Along with the album is the single 'Again, Professor Manny?'  with short piercing lyrics, steady guitar riffs, and wild drum syncopations to match the trio on vocals. Set to bring the Indie feel right to your stereo, the single, with the outstanding arrangement made and expected from the band and the veteran producer, is a surefire favorite for all fans. Listen to 'Again, Professor Manny?' by Cheats below. 

Photo from Spell Saab


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