03 August 2015

City Lights and Castles: WeFXD Visits Osaka

WeFXD, a fixed-gear group from Manila, visited Osaka and Tokyo for their first tour outside the Philippines last June, and brought their bikes with them. Japan is known as a bike-friendly country. The streets in Japan gives way for bike commuters and pedestrians. The occasional downpour due to the start of the rainy season is not a hindrance for these fixed-gear riders to wander around the cities of Osaka and Tokyo. The highlight of the ride was basically the bike shop visits, WeFXD was able to visit Gira Gira Chariya (Track Supermarket), Giracha Coffee (Gira Gira Chariya’s coffee shop), and Brotures. Brotures Osaka, fixed gear shop, wrote an entry on their blog about WeFXD’s visit. Ayumu of Brotures explains that bikes creates friendship no matter what part of the world we are in. The tour highlights also include the Osaka Castle, the shopping district of Dotonbori, and shrine visits around the city. The photos are taken by The Breakaway resident photographer, Lance Manuel.

Source: The Breakaway


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