04 August 2015

CRWN x BP Valenzuela - Instead

Local indie electronic heavyweights, CRWN and BP Valenzuela has worked together to produce a mesmerizing track. "Instead" clearly evokes BP's direction with her sweet tone and mellow but rich style of singing. CRWN has his way of amplifying another artists flare whenever he works with them, have you listened to his track "Under Blankets" with Jess Connelly yet? In the same way, though the track is a little more reminiscent of BP, CRWN provides the layer which BP comfortably flows upon. The collaboration between the two is harmonious, as both knew their strengths as artists and producers, and entirely knew how to utilize them rightfully. Give yourself a warm treat with "Instead", have CRWN and BP Valenzuela bring you to a sweet musical dimension.

Photo from Team Manila


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