27 August 2015

Gnarrate - Simula

It's been said repeatedly, the Philippine Hip-hop scene is exceedingly growing from "Pinoy Hip-hop" to hybrid genres related to Hip-hop. There's only one thing to blame though for this continuous blooming of the community, it's the passion and determination of aspiring Filipino Hip-hop artists. A clear example is Gnarrate, a part of the Purveyr team ever since. We've seen how passionate he is with Hip-hop and how he worked so hard to get something going with it. And fast-forward to now, he just released a poetic track to preview his upcoming Koronasyon EP. "Simula" teases us with how the EP will go, a raw and honest portal to Gnarrate's mind expressed in lyrical flows that dance strongly in beats to make its point. Have a listen to "Simula" below for a teaser of what's to come from him.


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