04 August 2015

Purveyr Tours EDSA Beverage Design Group

Searching for the perfect brew can be quite hard because of the wide range of varieties when it comes to taste and texture. EDSA Beverage Design Group, or EDSA-BDG, pioneers in creating the perfect brew for your taste and mood – from coffee to beers to cocktails. They have a laboratory for creating specialty beverages, much like Walter White’s meth lab in Breaking Bad, which may sound sinister but their beverages are heaven sent with just about the right flavor to make even the non-coffee drinkers be addicted to coffee. It is the perfect ground for experimenting with coffee beans, cocoa and beer. Their aim: to provide beverages of superior quality for the Filipino community and eventually to the rest of the world. EDSA-BDG even offers workshops and training for coffee enthusiasts. They are revolutionizing traditional beverages and turning them into a whole new and exquisite experience for their customers and marking their place in the industry of beverages.

209 EDSA, CLMC Bldg., Greenhills-Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

What is the main inspiration of EDSA BDG?
The main inspiration would have to be experiencing the culture (specifically beverage and liquid cuisine) from different parts of the world and just wanting to share that with the Filipino community. The group was really founded on the desire to create more honest and socially responsible brands and make that easily available to the Filipino people. 

What philosophy does the group live by?
"The Pursuit of the Noble Beverage", it is a continuous journey for our entire team to be able to constantly better ourselves and our products just so that we can share these experiences to the Filipinos. Not only are we limiting ourselves to that but also eventually make a mark in the world beverage scene by pushing the limits and boundaries of what really makes a great drink! 

What would you recommend a first-time visitor to try from your offerings?
For Coffee: try the Panama Carmen Estate pour-over. It doesn't shock you as much and awakens your taste buds to the possibility of truly amazing coffee. -- I had a friend who REALLY does not drink coffee because he does not find it appealing because if its bitterness. And I told him, trust me this isn't how you expect coffee to taste, and so he eventually agreed to me making him a cup! (I made him an Ethiopia Suke Quto pour-over) Before I let him drink it, I told him a little bit about the coffee - what flavor notes to expect. And true enough, he enjoyed it! He even said, this is literally the only cup of coffee I finished down to the last drop! -- I think this is what fuels our entire team, these reactions coming from customers/friends and we really see that it does in some way change their lives! 

What sets EDSA Beverage Design Group apart from other coffee shops in the metro?
I think that in general (to compare one establishment from the other) what makes all the difference is the experience that our customers get when they dine here. I think that more than anything we serve as an educational experience for our customers because all our beverages are different.

Coffee: We serve only specialty coffee at the retail bar, we provide workshops for home brewers and coffee enthusiasts, coffee subscriptions delivered straight to your doorstep, and professional/industrial-level services like barista training, specialty coffee bean supply, supply of machines and equipment, etc.

Sodas: We create and bottle all our sodas in-house. Recipes are continuously being created by our R&D team. For TBGB (our ginger beer line) we even partnered up with a local organic farming community where we source all our ginger.

Cocktails: Though there is not too much positive feedback with end-users for this concept, we believe that this is the next step for craft cocktails. This movement has started in Europe, they make pre-batched cocktails and serve them bottled at the bar. This concept gives the bartender (or whoever created the drink) more time to talk about the conceptualization of that said drink without having to actually build it in front of the customer. This not only saves time, but gives these bars increase in turnover and therefore more sales. Filipinos believe that they pay for the theatrics involved in building these drinks but in reality, pre-batched cocktails have the same exact quality as those made on the spot - what makes a cocktail expensive are the ingredients used to make them, not the theatrics. Bartenders account for dilution and other factors in their recipes so there is no change in taste. 

Can you describe to us the ambiance/vibe one will experience when they visit your space?
Industrial and modern: This encapsulates the essence and philosophy of the Group. We will always be a work in progress but this will always be a forward motion. We want to be the pioneers in offering better beverages to the Filipinos and eventually to the rest of the world. 


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