24 August 2015

She's Only Sixteen - Just Another Face On The Wall

Like something from the mid-80's, She's Only Sixteen give us a taste of what it feels like to live in an era of great music with their newly released single, Just Another Face On The Wall. With that garage rock aesthetic, slow pace, and those annoyingly consistent guitar riffs that have lived through decades of exposure, this track couldn't get any better. The band, led by the vocalist, Roberto Seña, adds a whole lot more to the table from their radical mix of influences to their chemistry as a band. The release of the track sparked the band's activity on their social media account, Soundcloud, with their last release dated almost a year ago, keeping fans on the edge of their seat. Listen to She's Only Sixteen's newest release, "Just Another Face On The Wall" below. 

Photo from She's Only Sixteen


Wow!!! nice music sir! Keep up the blogs! Lolzies!

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