16 September 2015

Heima #Oh Brighter Days!

Heima Home & Lifestyle definitely knows how to lighten up our moods despite the moody weather these days. Last August, they launched their collaboration “Oh Brighter Days!” with art duo Googly Gooeys. The furniture was covered with Tippy Go’s colourful brushstrokes. The prints were very playful and will surely put a smile on your face. The line offers chairs, desk, stools, pillows, wall art and notebooks. At the same time, the walls were toned down featuring Pong Go’s B&W photographs. Picturesque ice glaciers and waterfalls were captured and can be greatly appreciated in your own homes. Both drew inspiration from their latest trip in Iceland. 

It’s another fun filled collection for Heima who never fails to come up with the cheeriest designs! Follow their hashtag #OHBD! Take a look are their collection now available in stores and online 


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