29 September 2015

Mono 101: Black & White Film Developing Workshop by Erin Noir

In today's abundance of instant digital photography, it seems like that film photography is a dying art. However, there are still those who find appeal to its raw and rather honest approach. One of the most significant things that sets film photography apart is its process of developing the film to produce the photos. It is a process that film enthusiasts really enjoy. Erin Noir is a black & white film photographer from the Philippines who will host a Black & White Film Developing Workshop to share her knowledge about the process of taking photos with film cameras and developing film through the daylight processing technique. The workshop is great for those who would want to learn more about photography beyond mobile phones, SLRs and of course, Instagram. The workshop will happen at 10a Alabama, Quezon City from 9am to 5pm on October 3, 2015. To know more about the workshop, visit her website here.


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