24 September 2015

Purveyr Producer Project: Abdel Aziz

In our opinion, mixtapes are one of the most basic things that make up the music culture. Although it seems like creating one requires less effort than actual music producing, we believe that it is also very important in a producer's musical life. Having to chase a career in the music industry means that one has a great deal of love and passion for it, and we believe that a mixtape can be the simplest form to express it. So in line with this and the ever-growing Philippine music scene, the Purveyr Producer Project is conceptualized to promote local talent and progressing musical preferences in line with music creation and curation. This project aims to showcase the skills of our local DJs and Producers with one of the simplest forms of music production out there, a mixtape. Moreover, it also aims to give a new way of consuming locally produced and curated music to Filipino music lovers.

So to kick-off the Purveyr Producer Project, we partnered with DJ and producer Abdel Aziz for this mixtape. If you enjoy chillout and house, we recommend you to have a listen of the mix by Abdel below.

We are open for suggestions and applications for the Purveyr Producer Project. Email us at purveyr@gmail.com if you're interested. We're looking forward to hear from you.

Also, you can see and hear more from Abdel Aziz here:


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