17 September 2015

Taco Vengo: The New Taco Joint in Kapitolyo

Photos by Marvin Conanan

The trend is moving towards hole-in-the-wall food places, and we couldn't be more excited! All these independent eateries are popping just about anywhere, and Kapitolyo being one of the more famous foodie destinations doesn't fall short of these unique finds. Newly-opened taco joint, Taco Vengo, gives Mexican grub a modern spin, and we are more than supportive of this cause. Need that taco fix? Make your way through a small alley along United Street, and there you'll find a container van that serves the best tacos in town.

If you're a Taco Vengo virgin, make sure to give the pork taco a try, it will definitely get you hooked; the perfectly cooked meat is moist and tender, and if that pork cheek isn't deadly enough, they top it off with a puff of chicharon for an additional dose of cholesterol. Burst of flavor (and oil) in every bite! But if you're looking for something lighter, we suggest you go for their shrimp taco -- the fresh shrimp is coated in light & crispy breading, and then garnished with some flavorful slaw. Okay, time for dessert, one word: Chwaffle. If the churros & the waffle had a lovechild, this would be it. Just imagine, churros batter in a waffle maker until golden brown (How come we didn't think of this sooner?) then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar served with salted caramel & vanilla ice cream... Now, tell us, doesn't that make you drool? We think we've made our case, so go ahead and add Taco Vengo to your long list of food places to try in Kapitolyo. It might just be your next hangout place.


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