12 October 2015

Satchmi Turns One

Our favorite music and lifestyle store-next-door Satchmi hits their first year with nothing less than a full-blown celebration. Overflowing with free food and drinks courtesy of Mr. Graham Sandwich Shop, Mrs. Graham's Macaron Cafe, Craftpoint and Satchmi itself, the party kept everyone full– heart and tummy wise– along with featured performances from BP Valenzuela, Reese & Vica, CRWN, Coeli, and comedian Chip Balbuena. Fun and games brought the party to life as well, with special prizes from Satchmi's lifestyle brands. One lucky winner even got to bring home a Motorino Mk II by winning the Photo Booth contest.

Satchmi didn't just commemorate their first birthday in this event, but also and more excitingly, revealed what's in store for 2016, which includes opening a second branch in Quezon City, releasing the Motorino MK II in Silver, brewing fresh beans from EDSA Beverage Design Studio, and compiling choice Vinyl Day artists into one impressive vinyl record produced and manufactured by no other than Satchmi. 

Satchmi has indeed come a long way from being an online store to being a celebrated promoter and provider of vinyl records and a lifestyle that brings us closer to appreciating the finer things in life. This is definitely history in the making, and this is just the start. Happy birthday, Satchmi!


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