12 October 2015

The Crowdfunding Sessions: Sound Architects Recap

The event started at 10 PM with Dissonance as the first act – a six-piece band strong on ambient beats, hypnotic vocals and a powerful presence all throughout their set. Pastillan Dong! was next to play. The rock outfit drove listeners wild into an enjoyable headbang frenzy. The World I’ll Leave Behind was the third and last supporting act to hit the stage. It was refreshing to watch this trio perform as they were very spontaneous with their line-up as well as cleverly funny in engaging their audience. They did a bunch of covers adding their own punk-meets-rock style to them, as well as played some originals with the same, if not more, level of energy and technique. Sound Architects, the headliners, graced the stage last. True to their name, Sound Architects are more than instrumentalists; they’re architects of emotive, even escapist, soundscapes that fuel the crowd's imaginations. A euphoric experience is inevitable for anyone who listens to their meticulously phrased grooves and riffs.


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