12 November 2015

Grid Magazine: Putting the "Union" in La Union

Grid Magazine features La Union game changers as part of the ”11 People Who Are Changing The Way We Travel”. Mia Sebastian of Flotsam and Jetsam together with Kiddo Cosio of El Union talks about their love for La Union and of course why being by the sea is special for them. The beauty of La Union is made evident in the video where you’ll also see what makes them stay, and understand more as they explain their experiences with the place. The two also briefly shares their own separate stories of what brought them to create what are now the coolest places in the area. What started as crazy ideas became a reality. They are proud to be contributors in building the community in La Union. Unity and the coming together is what’s important to them. The video is directed and edited by Lyka Gonzalez.


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