05 November 2015

How to Support and Contribute to the Achievement of Purveyr Magazine

In our purpose to enrich the modern culture of the Philippines we have released a crowdfunding campaign through the platform called Indiegogo on Thursday, 29 October 2015. This is done to boost funds for the publishing of Purveyr Magazine’s first issue. Purveyr Magazine is, as Founder and Editor-in-Chief Marvin Conanan shares, the more tangible and timeless take on Purveyr’s vision that is to inspire Creativity, to elevate Culture, and to stimulate the Community while serving its sole purpose.

Prior to this new project, we have been only known to be a multi-cultural online platform that brings news about the curated modern culture under different categories namely: Style, Art & Design, Music, Food, Culture, and Retail & Travel. Having fulfilled such cause for 3 years now, we at Purveyr deemed it only appropriate to climb into the next level and develop our ways in fulfilling our purpose. We aim to refine and enhance our voice in imparting information and ideas to people through a more traditional type of media, a printed magazine.

Purveyr subscribes into the belief that print is not a dead nor dying art, resolving that the unique experience only print can give can never be imitated by the digital versions. The magazine tackles different stories behind local brands, artists, influencers and more that can be counted under the aforementioned categories. Among the many brands featured in this first issue are: Proudrace, Loudbasstard, THE Clothing, Bambike, Katipunan Craft Ale, and 13 Lucky Monkey; while featured personalities include Rjay Ty, Alex Omiunu and Abra of Lyrically Deranged Poets, Erwan Heussaff, Valerie Chua, Egg Fiasco, etc.

We hope you believe in the same cause and is interested in the things Purveyr is passionate about, if so we would want to invite you to show your support through contributing to the completion of our Indiegogo campaign goal for Purveyr Magazine Issue 1.

See infographs below to know more how to support or contribute to our campaign.

How to Support Purveyr Magazine through Contributing:

How to Support Purveyr Magazine through Buying Issue 1:

How to Support Purveyr Magazine as an Advertiser:


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