27 November 2015

Precynct Opens in The Grove

Photos by Marvin Conanan 

Precynct has recently opened its doors to the public, becoming a new player in the specialty coffee shop and restaurant scene. The inspiration behind the shop comes from the Melbourne beverage and food movement. The owners want to bring a new perspective in the country, which is why spending at least 6 months in Melbourne was vital, to be able to experience and learn from them directly. Their coffee menu is developed by Yardstick's coffee specialist, Andre Chanco. But more than coffee however, Precynct will also serve innovative cocktails and other beverages to complete the experience. Then the food menu is developed and managed by The Black Apron founder, Dolly Menghani, who is also part owner of Precynct. You can now visit them from Tuesdays to Sundays at The Grove by Rockwell, C5, Pasig City.


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