22 December 2015

crwn & Jess Connelly released How I Love EP

The partnership between crwn and Jess Connelly in 2014 brought forth the well-received track, Under Blankets. While that is a year old already, it is impressive to note that they somehow left an eagerness among listeners to hear a new track from them. And so a year after, they respond with an EP composed of four tracks, definitely more than what we initially wished for. As expected, they kept the flare that fuses crwn's electronic prowess and Jess Connelly's mellow vocals with modern translations of hiphop and RnB. Releasing the EP may already be the best holiday gift they could give, but they didn't stop there, as the How I Love EP is up for free download. Preview the EP below and hit the download button once you're sold, because we are.


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