23 December 2015

Illa Manila: Permanent Vacation

Illa Manila is a lifestyle brand based in California with its heart settled in the Philippines. As proof, they produced a skate video set in our local streets. Permanent Vacation showcases the talents of their skate team: Gene Quilantang, Kenneth Evangelista, and Demi Cuevas. Gene starts the killing with his brand of tech wizardry when it comes to ledge skating. Kenneth then shows the reasons why he is considered one of the country’s top skaters. His propensity with both his feet is manifested by the regular, switch, and nollie tricks that he landed on flips, gaps, ledges, and rails. They then had a short break to feature their friends headed by Willy Santos, Rasheed Al Rasheed, and Jeff Gonzales. Demi comes through with the last part. His brand of speed and power, coupled with his unique trick selection, is always a refreshing sight. This audio visual presentation is filmed and edited by VJ Chua.


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