24 December 2015

Sneaker Carnival 2K15 Manila Recap by Afew

The premier sneaker boutique, Sole Academy has just organized one of the biggest sneaker events in the country last month. Sole Academy reached for the stars with Sneaker Carnival 2015, a sneaker-centric event that blends it with music, food and entertainment. One of the notable features of Sneaker Carnival 2015 is its partnership with world-renowned sneaker website, Sneakernews. They flew in founder Yu-ming Wu to explore the sneaker heat and community here in the Philippines, while as well as to share his story about Sneakernews. In addition, Sole Academy also invited Daniel Kasidi, the founder of Rastaclat, to visit the country to experience the love Filipinos, sneakerheads in particular, give to his brand. Watch the video above made by Out of Scratch for international brand, Afew, to have a glimpse of what happened in the recent Sneaker Carnival 2015. You can also check out the few photos below from the event by Earl Roxas.


Hey, thanks for this recap of sneaker carnival 2k15. These photos are really very interesting. This event seems quite similar to the one that I attend annually at domestic New York event venues with my friends.

Hi Drew, glad you like our recap. We bet the New York ones you go to are as great, if not more.

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