21 December 2015

Sud - Sila (Music Video)

Local band Sud provides a music video for their sweet sounding new single titled Sila. The track features the members accompanying each other well, from the saxophone, to each strum of the guitar, down to the soulful singing of Sud Ballacer. To further engrain this song to your brain, they featured a story of a guy and a girl steadily falling in love with each other. Despite the awkward situation that they are in, their feelings never wandered to escalate on each succeeding day that they spend with each other. The closing scenes keep you guessing, but the clues put the bet on the two being an official couple.


whats the name of the actress? hehe

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So February 28 is when she broke up with her bf and then became official with the other? which meant that she was cheating whilst she was still with her bf. So "43 days before February 28" meant the count down when they can be together? but why 43 days? if the girl already knew that she's making a mistake/cheating. why not just finish it off with her bf?

when the guy hand-over the cigarette to the girl and girl accepts the cigarette, I think it symbolize that they both shared the sin. idk just a thought.

and by the way I was curious about the title of the book that the guy lend to the girl.

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