10 December 2015

WeFXD BRKLSS in Japan: The First Tour

It seems like the cycling community in the country just keeps on growing and getting more exciting every time. We see a lot more people riding bikes around the city, and even outside as well. And it actually goes with all kinds of bikes and riders. However, as of the moment, the group who's making the most noise and appearances in our opinion is the fixed gear community. It may be due to the fact that they can be the most flashy in the cycling circle, and are connected to a lot of other communities. To just prove that, earlier this year WeFXD, a premier fixed gear riding group, organized a tour to Japan. The riders were composed of various personalities in the local fixed gear community; bike shop owners, artists, community pioneers and more. They spent their time in Japan biking around the cities of Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo and some more around those areas. To have a glimpse of those rides, you can check out The Breakaway's photo essays here or have a look at their short documentary above. The video is nothing short of inspiring and thrilling, so it's enough to make you be eager to ride as soon as possible after watching it.

Source: The Breakaway


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