17 January 2016

Easy Skate Surf: Back to Basics with Gerard Cancio

Gerard Cancio strips down and goes back to basics in this Easy Skate-Surf video. With Soon Come by Shy FX feat. Liam Bailey providing us with a chill and laid-back vibe, Gerard cruises as he shows off his skills on the Rayne Misfortune decked out in Atlas Trucks and Rayne Envy 70mm 80a wheels. Gerard gives us a glimpse of a couple of longboard styles in this 1.5 minute clip by freeriding, freestyling and boardwalking, plus some twisting and turning, down slopes and empty streets. Check out his easy breezy skate session, and learn a few tips and tricks from the video below.


This type of performance without Helmet so risky. Please you guys who are beginner here shouldn't try without safety accessories. If you totally newbie here then visit Best Longboards for The Beginners.

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