13 January 2016

Fam "I am because We Are" T-Shirt

Lifestyle brand, Fam, from Laguna takes a new flip on the often-used Barbara Kruger artwork to come up with the "I am because We are" t-shirt. The design is another iteration of the "I shop therefore I am" piece. But instead of branding a person, what they wish to convey is an important universal label: being human. The phrase "I am because We are" is borrowed from Ubuntu, a humanistic philosophy that started in Southern Africa. This phrase sums up the essence of being human, about the interconnectedness of each person. With this in mind, one is expected to tap on the human kindness inside before taking on any action, because what that action will lead to, affects the whole world. It is now available at their shop in Los BaƱos, Laguna, but for online orders, contact the Fam facebook page for the details.


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