13 January 2016

KLTRD Alleycat-Trackstand-Skate Event Recap

Lifestyle brand, KLTRD are doing some great things in Bangkal, Makati City. The idea of celebrating the area where one is located or born has always become an inspiration for many, including lifestyle brands, particularly those who are immersed in the streetwear culture and its subcultures. However, it seems like that here in the country only a few resort to this mentality, a focus on the community and area where they are part of. So it is a little refreshing to see this new brand do just that, to pursue the things they love with the people that they co-exist with in an area that's rather not yet in the radar as a growing modern neighborhood. Nonethless, KLTRD believes that the community of Bangkal, Makati City is worth a look. That's why they organized Alleycat-Trackstand-Skate, a small event that lets the community converge and maybe spark a start of what can become of the neighborhood. KLTRD also partnered with various independent local brands to make the event possible, which happened December of 2015. It's surprising of how much the Bangkal community has to offer, you can check out the photos below taken by Elie Ocampo and Mong Feliciano to have a look of what happened in the event.


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