14 January 2016

Mak Azores and Ez Abinal resigns from Slick Barbers Co.

We have recently heard the news about Slick Barbers Co. founders, Mak Azores and Ez Abinal, resigning from the group. This is monumental to the growing local barbering culture as it is to the group, in our opinion. So we reached out to Mak to talk about his decision of leave the pioneering barbering collective and Indio about the changes, if there are any, that will happen with Slick Barbers Co.

Firstly, we asked Mak Azores about his decision in leaving the group. More than anything else, he exclaims that it is for his future and his family's. But to really understand where he's coming from, here's how he explained to us his decision which he would also like for everyone to know.

"Slick Barbers Co. has jumpstarted all of our careers as barbers here in the Philippines. It has provided a tremendous amount of help for me, which I all owe to the brand, to my co-barbers and definitely to our patrons who has supported us since the very start. I, Ez and Indio started Slick Barbers Sessions. Indio started his barbering apprenticeship with us. Most of the time he would set up the Slick Barber Sessions for us, and also do some impromptu spoken word poetry on the side. Eventually when he was ready to cut hair, the three of us started the company. We ignited a movement that has always made SBCo. different from other barbershops. To cut the story short, that said unorthodox approach also has made it difficult for me to sustain or obtain financial stability. And with a baby coming with my long-term partner, Vogz Badiola, I could not just quit my barbering career to obtain that. So me and Ez has decided to pass our resignation with SBCo. to establish our own barbershop and hopefully achieve the stability that I need right now. We worked so hard for this, and even made a business proposal to receive enough funding for this new venture, our new brand and home, Heavyhands Barbershop."

As mentioned by Mak to us, Heavyhands Barbershop will focus on traditional cut and shave services with a good selection of men's grooming products including pomades. Other than that, they have established the new barbershop with a mission to promote the quality and uplift the dignity of the whole barbering culture in the Philippines. "We want the Filipino people to see that barbering is a profession and a growing culture, that it is not just a need or a service" expressed by Mak.

While for Indio, the remaining co-founder of Slick Barbers Co., he assures us that nothing will change with the premier barbering collective. Now that they have grew their barber lineup to six already namely, Kalbs, Simon, Skully, Radz, Ryan and Indio, plus an ever-developing and well-loved Yague barbershop, it's no surprise that SBCo. is left in good hands.

"We can't wait till we give them the barbershop they deserve little by little, one step at a time. Through that nakikilala din namin yung talagang mga taong nagiinvest ng trust and bond with us.  (Through that we realize who are the people who really trust and bond with us.) Though thick and thin." expressed by Indio about their current state as a group. He also promised to us that Slick Barbers Co. will continue to strive to provide the same enthusiasm and passion for barbering and their community.

As exciting as the sprouting of this barbering community and culture, things like this make it even more amusing. And in events like this we believe that we also find growth, growth in the form of Mak Azores' and Ez Abinal's new venture - Heavyhands Barbershop, Slick Barber Co.'s flourishing following, team and home, and a progression in the whole of the local barbering community and culture.


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