17 January 2016

Paincake Patrol - Social Constructs EP

There are moments in our lives that are embedded in our memories not with exact words and phrases, but with different waves of emotions. Electronic solo act Eeman Bulotano aka Paincake Patrol channels his reflections and experiences through his latest EP titled Social Constructs. This project "reflects the artist's view about the general meaning of existence and how empty it may seem when viewed in an objective and logical way." Eeman's initial step in explaining this is in the first trifecta of songs. He relates to that dark cave one falls in upon solely searching for the meaning of life. After gaining trust to be a guide to this trip, the travel continues as each thump of the bass and chord progression hopes to render clarity. And finally, the listener will willingly let go of Eeman's hand. Because searching for reason behind the union of one's body and soul is an individual task that no usher can help you reach. To download the Social Constructs EP, click here.


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