06 February 2016

Alisson Shore - Internet @ Night EP

The emergence of less barrier of entry in music production has entirely given excitement and innovation to the industry. More young producers are coming up with their own music, which is of course very interesting to say the least. Alisson Shore is one of those producers who caught our attention, especially with her new EP called Internet @ Night. The EP is composed of four tracks namely; Internet @ Night, Better Than Before, Underwater and Goodnight. It evokes and tells a story of moments spent in front of the computer during late nights, either scrolling through gifs with some friends or chatting with a secret crush, and until we finally decide that it's time for some downtime. Alisson Shore seems pretty promising with this EP, her ability to express personal moments that's rather relatable is entertaining. And to top it off, her gaming-sound-infused style can be felt ingrained in all four tracks, a consistency that's worthy of mention. Have a listen of her EP below, and when you find also amusing like us, you can download it for free to add to your library.


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