10 February 2016

Confessions: A Night of Secrets, Stories, and Songs

Strip mainstream artists off their glitz and glamour, take them out of the limelight, and put them in a place where they are subjected to intimacy and vulnerability -- True artistry shines when you take the color out of the artist. This is what Stages Sessions is all about. Stages Sessions creates concept-driven shows that provide a venue for artists to reconnect with their art in an environment nothing like what they are accustomed to; a place where they are free to take on any song, any conversation, and just get as raw and authentic as they desire.

This Valentines, Stages Sessions brings us a night of secrets, stories, and songs with Confessions. In Confessions, top millennial artists are paired up with mainstream artists not to talk about themselves, but about love, heartbreak and everything in between. 16 spoken word and music artists are put on stage all at the same time to interact with the audience. Here, fans and artists meet eye-to-eye and go on unscripted, genuine and sincere discussions.

Hear as the artists confess their heart's deepest desires on February 12 at the Music Museum. Show starts at 8pm.


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