01 February 2016

DJ Jazzy Jeff in Manila for Red Bull Music Academy

Photos by Earl Roxas

"You can be whatever you wanna be, you just have to convince the world that you're that," some wise words from hip-hop and RnB DJ, record producer and turntablist, Jazzy Jeff, during the Red Bull Music Academy workshop last January 8. DJ Jazzy Jeff is a hip-hop legend and cultural icon known for his cutting and scratching skills, and later on for changing the international music scene. Having won two Grammys and selling 5.5 million albums in his partnership with Will Smith aka the Fresh Prince, DJ Jazzy Jeff continues to bring innovation to the music scene with solo projects and collaborations with up and coming artists. It was a great day for local music, as he shared insights, tips and experiences during the short workshop. In addition, he also spun for the delight of all the music-heads at the event. This is definitely a good start for the year, hopefully we get more of this from here on out. Check out more of our photos below to have a peek on what happened at the Red Bull Music Academy workshop.


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