23 February 2016

Online shopping MiZ+MOXiE style

MiZ+MOXiE takes online shopping to a whole another level with the launch of their new website. Glittery and glamorous, yet effective and functional -- MiZ+MOXiE makes fashion fun with quirky prints and splashes of color, while making the site easy to navigate with playful labels and organized categories. The website shows you everything the model is wearing, not just the main product. Items are categorized according to personal style, whether it be bohemian, hipster, rebel or basic. The look and feel of MiZ+MOXiE is taken from the Filipino trait of being fun and easy-going, as the brand aims to encourage women to have fun with their style. And while we're on the topic of Filipino, MiZ+MOXiE aims to provide a venue for local and independent brands and designers to showcase their talent through products that are locally designed, manufactured or curated. Whether you're a MiZ, little goody two-shoes, or a MOXiE, Ms. Bold and Daring, the website definitely has something for you.


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