31 March 2016

A look at the Listening Party by Independent Music Collective for Logiclub X1 Compilation Album

We'll be the first to admit we're no music experts - We don't get down to the technicalities of it nor do we ingest facts about it the same way we do with oxygen - but we do have a deep appreciation for it and (we'd like to believe) our taste in music is more than satisfactory. Two weeks ago we had the privilege of being part of a private listening session of the first major collective release of Logiclub, along with artists, friends and other music authorities. Logiclub X1 is a compilation album comprising of 10 original tracks produced by different members of the collective. The tracks in the album were either specially produced for this release or just simply digitally remastered. While we do not have very strong opinions about Logiclub X1, (as it left us speechless, in awe and with serious eargasm) the artists gave us one-liner descriptions of each of their tracks.

Logiclub X1 kicks off with rapper, Curtismith with LDR, in which he describes it as "a new approach I took in making a song" and well, his new approach seems to be working well for him. Track #2 is YKITG! from St. Vincent and The Grenadines, and it means what it means - You Know It, Girl! The third track is something we're all familiar with, and has been played more times than any other track in the compilation, under blankets by crwn feat. Jess Connelly, and according to King, "It stays a little bit longer" and indeed it does as we get major LSS with this one. Aries teams up with fellow Logiclub member, Olympia, to "relay their long journey ahead through the song 'Away' with its chaotic yet serene melody, evolving beat and ethereal vocal harmonies." Then BP Valenzuela hits the halfway mark with All of the Noise, which "is full of noisy, ambient soundscapes and IDM beats packed to the brim in a tight, introspective pop package." Kidthrones recalls the "first date he had with a particular person after a long period of social hibernation" with Date Night. Song #5 is John Pope's "interpretation of somebody trying to play jazz in a very very chaotic forest," while Game 3.0 (feat. Somedaydream) is NINNO's "Frankenstein experiment on how rapid-fire rhymes interact with a minimalist synth-driven track." lluwin comes out with Yum, "a track made to explore the limits and extremities of the heart chakra using variations of the yam/yum chant and electronic sound, which in turn gave the pulse to the Lluwin sound." The final track, Sta. Maria is by Dante, which was "all about superficial tendencies." Now that one was highly unexpected with its rock and heavy metal sound, but it was the perfect cap to the Logiclub X1 compilation. While all 10 tracks sound good individually, being part of a compilation made a world of a difference. Logiclub did not only compile these tracks to produce X1, they told a story with its climactic sequence.

Logiclub X1 will be available digitally on iTunes and Spotify on April 15, but while you wait, they have three shows lined up for the launching of their compilation album: April 14 at The Brewery, April 15 at Black Market and April 22 at 12 Monkeys.


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