15 March 2016

Assembly Generals releases incredible Sakalawakan music video

Describing their music as "Raw Electric Filipino Hiphop", Assembly Generals started last 2014 by providing a different kind of energy whenever they perform live. With drummer and veteran musician Raymund Marasigan providing time-tested tricks and insights, they definitely managed to bring something that most gig attendees definitely dig. This time, they provide a nice variance of groovy and soulful mellow with "Sakalawalakan", the second single off their self-titled debut album. For the music video, they tapped director Gian Mawo and brought along Rjay Ty, Ellie Centeno, and Nikki Paqueo to bring to life the message of self-liberation that their song wishes to impart. Sprinkle some apt aerial shots and well-executed visual effects, and the result is a magica three-and-a-half minute flick. Photo below courtesy of JD Valdez.


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