11 March 2016

Edwin Watch lands in the Philippines

Photos by Andrei Suleik 

The Edwin brand is widely known as a brand who specializes in Japanese denim products which was founded by Yonehachi Tsunemi in 1947. In more than sixty years of existence, Edwin grew to be a global authentic denim brand that is focused on innovation and craftsmanship. That ethos inspired a wrist counterpart of the brand, having the same principles, the Edwin Watch was born. Spearheaded by Brian Siswojo, a street and skate culture trailblazer of Hong Kong, it's not surprising to see a different but interesting take on the brand. They immersed Edwin Watch into the growing barber culture, the 50's version of it to be exact. The reason? As with tradition that continue until today, men with different personalities converge when in need of a haircut; a businessman, skater, artist, bikers, musicians, etc. Their products' quality, accessibility and history appropriately represents the classic camaraderie among men of different lifestyles within the confines of a barbershop. 

Given this idea, it's fitting that Edwin Watch landed in the Philippines through Felipe and Sons, a pioneer of the local barbering culture. An ideal partnership to launch the progressive watch brand. Their watches are now available in various Watch Republic branches nationwide and both Felipe and Sons branches. You can know more about them through their website.


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