15 March 2016

Eight Wolves x Revere launches "Black Valentine"

To expand and deepen its connection with the community, as well as raise the banner of the barbery culture higher, Eight Wolves teamed up with Davao-based apparel brand Revere The Risen. This collaboration gave rise to “Black Valentine” pomade and a limited-edition shirt.

In a night of bands, tattoos, local brands, and booze, “Black Valentine” was released last 27 March at Sales Bar Tekanplor in Davao, with the support of The Barbershop Culture which offered free haircuts during the event. The launch was also backed by Boss Barbershop which established a pop-up pomade shop showcasing other Eight Wolves products. For a dose of art, Raymond Aguilon aka InkJunkie sold his prints and prepared special tattoo flashes for those who wanted to get inked. The collaboration launch was also attended by other independent local brands such as: Misery Machine, Crvst, Velvet, Ninenails, and Deluge. 

"Black Valentine" is a heavy-hold traditional oil-based, cinnamon-scented pomade enhanced with Moroccan Argan oil.


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