22 March 2016

Create more with Purveyrgram

We have been hard at work in developing the idea behind Purveyrgram. Since it was launched back in 2014, it was only deemed as an avenue to showcase creativity of Filipinos on Instagram. This year, we felt that we are not quite doing it right, or at least, we thought there was a more noble and valuable way of utilizing it. It is because of that reason why we took a three-month break from #Purveyrgram on our Purveyr Instagram page. We are glad however, that a lot of you are still using the hashtag even if we are not featuring any as of the moment, it just shows your dedication to creating. 

Now, we are glad to be back, and more functional than ever. We are relaunching Purveyrgram not just to become another creative compilation account on Instagram, but we are relaunching it to become an avenue for creation, opportunity and collaboration. We have seen trends come and go. A few years ago, everyone was into minimalism, nowadays it is traveling and discovery. It is interesting to see how tastes and preferences have shifted, even output have become more and more diverse now. This is what we want to explore, a comprehensive look into the Filipino Visual Culture, and an ability to enrich and shape it to reach its optimal state. And not only on Instagram and photography, but also in other aspects of the visual culture which are; design, art, videography, and more.

Instagram is a great way to showcase works, but sometimes it's not enough just to be seen. The lack it has, we aim to satisfy. That is through opportunities and activities such as education, mentorship, creative sponsorships, collaboration, camaraderie, recognition and more. We are not establishing a talent agency of some sort. We do not want to manage you, but we would want to help you or at least provide you ways to grow your craft. In joining Purveyrgram, you will be part of a pool of Visual Makers who will receive exclusive opportunities, possibilities and perks.

To start it off, we are hosting a small contest for our members, where they can bring home a copy of Purveyr Magazine Issue 1 and a Herschel Supply Co. Duffel Bag. More details are sent to our exclusive members through email. So to join, all you have to do is accomplish the application form through this link. Please also visit and follow the Purveyrgram Instagram page to be constantly updated and to see our featured members. We have a lot of things planned, and we want you all to be a part of it. Visit the Purveyrgram page to read more about this initiative.


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